I’m a second year Master of Information Management and Systems student in the UC Berkeley School of Information. My research is in the field of social computing and usable security. I’m excited to learn more about embodied cognition and to build more critical/reflective designs!

I am currently working as a user experience researcher to improve tools used to monitor and manage ecosystems restoration work. I am the lead researcher on a project evaluating the usability of mobile security settings sponsored by the 2021 CLTC Research grant. I am also a Center for Law, Technology, Society and Policy fellow on a project that seeks to understand the landscape of how Black digital safety advocates work with their respective communities to raise awareness about threats and offer mitigation strategies for those threats.

I’m most excited by objects I use in the kitchen. An object I’m intellectually excited by are rice cookers. We take for granted how it cooks rice (and other dishes, from sponge cakes to takikomi gohan) perfectly every time, without having to fiddle with flames on a stove or having add more water if the rice cooks too hot.

A diagram of how a rice cooker works

They are quite the engineering feat since the machine “knows” when the rice is cooked, how much water it needs to cook correctly, how to keep rice warm without drying it out, how to create steam without the device overheating, and so on.



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Grad student @ UC Berkeley’s School of Information. Interests include social computing, usable security, Being Online™️ and reflective tech.